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Maxlux 35W AC HID Conversion Kit
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Maxlux 35W AC HID Conversion Kit

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Maxlux 50W AC HID Conversion Kit
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Maxlux 50W AC HID Conversion Kit

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Maxlux HID Xenon Bulbs D4R
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Maxlux HID Xenon Bulbs D4R

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Maxlux HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs
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Maxlux HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

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Premium HID Conversion Kits, Replacement HID Xenon Bulbs & Accessories.

Your vehicle is one of your biggest, most important investments. As such, keeping it running its best and looking its best is vital. One way to protect you and your investment while also standing out on the roads is to upgrade your headlights. Here at Maxlux USA, we offer nothing but the best HID conversion kits, bulbs, ballasts, and parts to ensure that you can brighten the roads the best way possible. 

Why Make the Upgrade?

Stock headlights aren’t always what they should be. The bulbs may provide some good illumination, but upgrading to HID Xenon bulbs makes a tremendous difference in nighttime driving for a couple of key reasons. 

  • First and foremost, safety plays a huge role in why making the upgrade to HID xenon bulbs and headlight kits matters so much. The level of intensity in the brightness is much higher, which translates to better vision on the road, even when in ‘dim’ mode. In short, you see further so you can react quicker to obstacles or curves ahead of you.
  • Once you purchase HID ballasts, you’ll be ready to drop in the perfect bulb for your vehicle. With HID lights, you can choose from multiple colors to personalize your vehicle. This gives you the chance to use blue or white light, for example, which can help turn your car even more into something that you’re proud of. 

By customizing your car and improving visibility, you give your vehicle an upgrade that can improve its value, its attractiveness, and the level of safety that you experience while driving it. In short, making the move to HID is well worth it. 

Get What You Need

At Maxlux, we proudly offer everything needed to take a vehicle’s headlights to the next level. Making the switch yourself is a simple process that almost anyone can complete within a short time – you just need to make sure you get what you need. 

  • Full Conversion Kits – Full HID conversion kits are designed to include everything needed to make the leap to HID. You’ll get HID xenon bulbs, HID ballasts, and an installation manual to make it easy to install. If you’ve never had HID before, these kits are the best option. 

  • HID Xenon Bulbs – If a bulb is blown, it can leave you with limited visibility. Replacement HID bulbs are available to ensure that you get that visibility back quickly. Buying a pair of bulbs is the simple solution for those with ballasts or kits that will handle the wattage. 

  • HID Ballasts – It’s also possible to get HID ballasts that will replace old OEM ballasts or damaged HID ones. This keeps the lights powered up and working properly. 

The Maxlux Difference

At Maxlux USA, we offer the highest quality HID supplies from Korea. By sourcing from Korea instead of China, we keep the costs low for the consumer while providing a higher quality product that will provide years of illumination. Our team is always here to help ensure that you get the lights you want, so don’t hesitate to contact us or order today. A brighter night is waiting!

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