Maxlux 35W Slim AC HID Conversion Kit

  • HID Kit includes: 2 standard HID digital ballasts with CANBUS built-in, 2 HID bulbs, Installation manual
  • High Quality Maxlux HID ballasts are 100% Water-proof, 100% Dust-proof, 100% Shock-proof
  • Our HID Kits come with MAXLUX Exclusive 3 YEAR Warranty
  • Produces 2 to 3 times as much light as a halogen bulb
  • Ready to install right-out-of the box
  • 100% Plug in Play installation

      (some models may require extra parts such as bulb adapters, relay harness, anti-flicker/warning canceler)

  • Simple installation - 30 minutes or less (some cars may require professional installation)
  • Made in KOREA

High Intensity Discharge HID Kit 

The visible light spectrum is divided up by a characteristic called Color Temperature. Color temp is defined by the temperature of an ideal black body radiator that radiates light equal to its surface temperature. A black body is an object that absorbs all light and emits light dependent on its surface temperature. To boil it down into simple terms, Color Temperature is the color code given to a particular light source based on how we perceive it with human eyes. This code is stated in units of absolute temperature, Kelvin (K). For example, the sunlight color temperature at midday is listed as 5780K (bright white), however this is not precise. You will see the sunlight color rated anywhere from 4300K to 6500K depending on the sources used and how much light the black body radiator could absorb during testing.

Many people believe that color temperature of an HID light is based on how bright it is (higher the K rating, brighter it gets), this is false. The higher the Kelvin temperature rating, the more blue the light becomes and the less useable light output there is. Higher color temperatures are known as cool colors (5000K and up) and produce bluish white light while lower color temperatures (4300K and down) are called warm colors and produce yellowish white. Below is a chart depicting most of the color temperatures available for HID lights.

Yellow emits a yellow light
Often used in place of halogen fog lamps
White with a hint of yellow
This is the color of choice for most car manufactures and can be found equipped on a wide range of vehicles
Pure White emits a pure white light
This is the color of choice for most drivers. Use it if you want the most light output and the best performance
Diamond White emits a pure white light with a very subtle hint of blue
This is the most popular color choice for aftermarket HID installs
Light Blue emits a more blue light than 6000K
It is not defined as true blue because it has a hint of white
Blue emits a dark blue light output
Visibility is significantly decreased

Acual color of the HID headlights may vary and depends on the equipment being used. 

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